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A spirit company that is truly by bartenders, for bartenders, the three masterminds behind The 86 Co. – Simon Ford, Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric – developed all four of their impeccable spirits with one goal in mind: make it easy to make drinks with them. We love their approach.


They attacked the production of their spirits using this simple principal, and spent months talking to other bartenders, figuring out what would make a good bottle great. They found two things were mentioned consistently: a flavorful, balanced spirit that works in a variety of mixed drinks, and an ergonomic bottle that makes pouring a cinch.

With these guidelines in mind, they partnered with top-notch distillers to create their signature products – Fords Gin, Tequila Cabeza, Caña Brava Rum, and Aylesbury Duck Vodka. Consulting with a designer resulted in perfect bottles to hold the liquor, and many awards later, they’re still here serving you the good stuff.

The 86 co


Fords Gin is distilled in London at Thames Distillers, and is a collaboration between 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and Simon Ford of The 86 Co. The mix of 9 botanicals starts with atraditional backbone base of juniper & coriander seed that’s balanced with citrus (bitter orange, lemon & grapefruit peels), floral (jasmine flower & orris) and spice (angelica & cassia). The botanicals are steeped for 15 hours before distillation in 500 liter stills.


The 86 Co are proud of this vodka because it’s clean, has that grainy and spicy character that we like in a vodka and it plays well in mixed drinks.We tested this vodka in Bloody Mary’s, Moscow Mules and various other mixed drinks and the result was always rather pleasant. Aylesbury Duck is made in the Western Rockies of Canada, 4000 miles from the woodland birds natural habitat.

The 86 co
The 86 co


The central province of Herrera, Panama, is known for its abundant sugar cane fields that grow in nutrient-rich volcanic soil fed by rivers stemming from mineral-rich mountain springs. The result is cane of the highest sugar content, perfect for making molasses for the production of fine rum. Caña Brava is named after the wild sugar cane that grows in the fertile Herrera region.
Caña Brava is made from sugar cane grown in the region that surrounds the distillery. The volcanic mineral rich soils in Herrera are perfect for growing sugar cane.


A true growers tequila. Tequila cabeza – the vivanco Family has been cultivating agave In the los altos region of jalisco For five generations. They built Their distillery el ranchito On the edge of their 800-acre Mountainside field in arandas, Where they now have been Tequileros for 3 generations. 

The 86 co

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